Our Confirmation Class

13 Doing Post 13


Thirteen is the age when a Jewish child becomes an adult.  Therefore, it is fitting that this year’s Post Bar and Bat Mitzvah Confirmation class is made up thirteen young adults.  This class, most of whom were Rabbi Marmon’s inaugural Bar and Bat Mitzvah students, have embarked upon an entirely revamped and exciting Confirmation program. 

Temple Sinai’s new Confirmation program is now a two-year program for 8th and 9th graders.  Instead of pure classroom learning, the students will experience a mixture of classes and field trips.  There will be monthly classes (one Sunday each month) and bi-monthly field trips that are related to the classroom learning (one Sunday every other month).  Classes and trips are led by Rabbi Marmon and Ellen Goldberg Weiner, with some surprise guest lecturers from our Congregation.

So far, the students have learned why Jews visit cemeteries before the High Holidays and then visited Mikveh Israel Cemetery (where notable Jewish leaders such as Haym Solomon are buried) and Christ Church Cemetery (where Benjamin Franklin – a financial sponsor of Mikveh Israel Synagogue– is buried).  October’s combined class and field trip had the students travel to the Jewish Community Center to visit the Holocaust Museum and view a theatrical performance.  November was pure politics as the students visited the exclusive private Union League in Philadelphia to view their collection of political campaign memorabilia, followed by brunch where they discussed their own political slogans and political agendas.  November’s class focused on Jewish political values and voting trends and the screening of the chilling tele-movie “The Wave,” which demonstrates how easy it is to create a hostile political movement.


Upcoming classes will focus on the December Dilemma (being Jewish during the Christmas season), Food insecurity, Heroes and Villains, Community Activism, Treatment of Animals, as well as celebrating Purim and Lag B’Omer.  Upcoming field trips include helping prepare and serve breakfast at the Ronald McDonald House, visiting the Liberty Museum, and learning about animal foster care and community activism at Seer Farm.

While this Confirmation class covers a wide variety of topics, the subjects always relate back to the student’s experiences and values as young Jewish adults in the modern world.